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Historical Shops tell us about our town, being an integral part of the history of our territory: they have shaped the habits, they preserve the memory, they carry on the excellence and are the custodians of our culture.

Shops and public exercise that have maintained their great charm are now enhanced by the inclusion in the Register of Historical Shops of the Municipality of Rimini.

At present, thanks to the project of Confcommercio of the province of Rimini, their unique experience becomes an heritage for residents and tourists through the language of innovation.

In this site you will find curiosities, photographs, information, stories from the past intertwining with the present and looking to the future through dedicated itineraries and routes, to live and discover.


Rimini is synonymous with fun especially thanks to the clubs that have made history since the 1960s and continue to do so today. Follow the “Entertainment” path through breweries, pubs and night clubs with a soul and a story to live and tell …

TASTE itinerary

An intertwining of flavors and emotions, traditions and hospitality, will guide you in this path dedicated to “Taste”. The trattorias, taverns and restaurants that have made the history of Rimini and are still today its eno-gastronomic excellence await you for an unforgettable tour. The palate will thank you.

STYLE itinerary

Fashions pass, but style remains! And that’s what you will find in this itinerary dedicated to the historic shops of Rimini that dictate new trends in the city, always in the name of quality. Elegant, casual, sporty … make your choice by following the “Style” itinerary!