Ottica Da Forno

Ottica Da Forno moved its first steps in 1956 when Luciano, father of the current owners, decided to open the shop in IV Novembre Road.

In 1962 Ottica Da Forno moved to its current location in 32 Gambalunga Road. This was the birth of the historic brand, still used by the founder’s children, who took over the business in 1991: still today Roberto, Tiziana, Caterina and Luciana continue the family business, supported by the constant presence of their mother Maria Antonietta.

At Ottica Da Forno you can find the passion for ancient objects, but always with attention to style. The eyeglass, a real status symbol of the modern age: generations of customers turn to this historic business sure to find the experience and professionalism that has distinguished it for over 50 years. Sale of glasses, but also eye examination, many accessories, contact lenses and space for repair operations complete the services offered. Over the decades there have been many “prestigious guests” at the shop in Gambalunga Road: one of them was the boxing champion Primo Carnera, whose photo together with the owners can still be seen inside the shop.

Phone number: +39 0541 55265