In 1985, when it opened its doors to Rimini’s inhabitants and tourists, it was called Big Ben: this was the origin of one of the most popular pubs in the seaside area of Rimini.

After 10 years, Big Ben becomes Shooters and the new name accompanies it until today. The new management, which has been operating since 2001, renovated the place, but kept intact the classic English pub style that has characterized the place since its beginning.

At Shooters you can immerse yourself in the English atmosphere thanks to the wooden furniture, the historical central bar and the ever-present billiard tables and darts game. The great influx of tourists from Northern Europe continues to characterize the customers of the Shooters: it will not be difficult to find English, Dutch, Germans and Swiss sitting at the tables and tasting beers and typical dishes. A few years ago the club was chosen by Dutch rock star Jan Smith as the location for one of his performances, which was broadcast on Dutch TV.

Phone number: +39 0541 371403