Cappelli Auto

Cappelli brings with it all the charm of classic cars. The company, located on the Via Emilia in Celle di Rimini, began its business of buying and selling industrial vehicles back in 1960, becoming a multi-brand dealership in 1980. Cappelli was one of the first in Rimini to deal with the international brands Peugeot, Volvo, Honda Maserati and Mercedes. Cars and trucks, but not only: Cappelli can boast of being a dealer of the prestigious Riva motorboats. The business was started by two brothers, Luigi and Giovanni Cappelli: the company has remained in the family and is currently owned by their sons, the three brothers Alberto, Alessandro and Marco Cappelli.

Today, Cappelli Auto continues to sell vintage cars, used cars and trucks. A visit to the interior of the premises, which have remained faithful to the dealership’s beginnings, is a must: there are many images that evoke the splendour of Rimini in the Sixties and Seventies. The protagonists of the photos are the historic and unique Ferrari in use by the State Police and the first truck of the Fire Brigade, currently on loan to a Capitoline museum, and those of their historic cars during various editions of Mille Miglia. Going up to the first floor you can see (and purchase) historical cars from the 1920s to the 1980s, including the grey Lancia Aurelia Spider made famous in Dino Risi’s 1955 film “Il Sorpasso”, or admire the first car with a San Marino license plate still registered. As fascinating frame for the large number of cars there is also a collection of vintage objects ranging from radios to tennis rackets, from telephones to gramophones. All these things make a visit to Cappelli Auto an unmissable experience.