Merceria Cheri

The Merceria Cheri in Via Garibaldi, in the heart of Rimini’s historic centre, owes its origins to Liliana Urbinati, who opened the business in 1957, buying the start-up and licence from a relative.

Her entrepreneurial virtues, together with her great determination and the support of her husband and family members, enabled her to carry on the business successfully and, over the years, to become the owner of the shop. Mrs. Liliana is no longer with us, but in the same 19th century building, the Merceria Cheri is still run by her daughters Nadia and Maria Gabriella, who began working behind the counter when they were very young and who have been working alongside their mother since the 1970s, fulfilling a desire they have had since childhood.

Colours and glittering objects had always attracted the two girls, and after finishing their studies they both decided to work with their mother in the haberdashery. Thus, a typical haberdashery shop for the world of handmade tailoring supplies and for those who liked to make or embroider their own clothes got a considerable boost, thanks to a business turnaround. An appropriate choice was to rationalise the variety of goods and focus on clothing accessories. At Merceria Cheri today you can find all the materials for tailoring, from buttons to beads, from trimmings to ribbons and linings, as well as bags, gloves, shawls, hats and other packages.

The great importance Nadia and Maria Gabriella give to quality has made Merceria Cheri a real reference point for those in Rimini looking for Italian-made accessories of the best brands and a service made up of helpfulness, kindness and competence. Not to be missed are Nadia and Maria Gabriella’s useful and precious suggestions for those interested in discovering the world of quality tailoring.