Elettroforniture Lucchi

Entering the historic portal of via Giordano Bruno 33 in Rimini, your gaze opens on a timeless gallery with cross vaults. The wood and glass shop window and a sign that still bears the telephone number without the area code smell of history. The Elettroforniture Lucchi shop was able to stop time and carry on the commercial tradition of an ancient Rimini, which withstood the Second World War and flourished again thanks to the ingenuity and commitment of small family businesses. Founded in 1928 by brothers Luigi, Giovanni and Giuseppe Lucchi, the Lucchi electrical supplies shop operated for a few years at the beginning of Via Giordano Bruno 16 on the corner of Corso d’Augusto, and then moved a few hundred metres to number 33, where it is currently located, as well as having a branch on the outskirts, in Via Carlotta Clerici.

Entering Elettroforniture Lucchi’s means not only finding a vast assortment of lighting accessories, but it means letting your imagination run wild inside the large drawers of the wooden shelves thanks to a commercial decor that has remained intact, but above all it means getting to know Sante, Luigi’s son and current owner of the shop. His disenchanted view of commercial dynamics, his knowledge of the profession and the changes involving the city of Rimini and its beating heart, the historic centre, deserve a chat that will at least make you think. It is difficult to stop at Lucchi’s just to buy a wall lamp, a chandelier or a multiple plug. Mr. Sante’s stories do not look back at all, even though, he says, “I was born here, in a box of light bulbs”.

There were many interesting points of discussion, but the common denominator is always love for the work and for the city.